I have heard about Austin Dustless. What exactly is it?
Our unique system uses professional equipment and specially designed processes that provide an incredibly fast and clean way to remove tile or other flooring materials in your home or office. Our system will also leave your floor smoother and flatter than the traditional methods.

I am planning to polish or stain my concrete after the old flooring has been removed. Can you tell me what will need to be done after the floor is removed to get it ready, including any potential problems?
There is no way to know the condition of the concrete slab until we get the floor up and see what we have to work with. Here are some of the potential problems you could run into:

1. “Soft Concrete” This condition is caused from over watering or the concrete getting rained on before it finished setting/drying.

2. “Ghosting” This condition is where you can still see the lines where the grout was on the concrete. This may require an overlay.

3. Uneven floors – this leaves old stain in the low places on the floor and may require an overlay.

One of the flooring companies I talked to said they would remove my tile and charge almost nothing to do it. This is a good deal right?
Some flooring retails get your business by “hiding” the cost on the backend through special agreements with installers. It will look like you are getting a good deal initially but they are really just hiding the cost in the installation. Retailers like this will usually cut costs in additional places like the quality of the installation. You could have a new floor that fails quickly or doesn’t even look good. You get what you pay for people!! You can be sure Austin Dustless are experts with ethical business practices and ethical business partners.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are floor installers and remodeling contractors that will get just some of the thinset off the concrete and then add self leveling to the floor before laying the new flooring. This is better than not doing the self leveling but the problem is, it’s a hidden cost. Installers don’t tell you the cost of self leveling when they bid your flooring and self leveling is expensive. Getting your tile and thinset removed correctly can save a lot of money in hidden costs by greatly reducing the amount of self leveling needed to correctly install your new floor.

Do you remove floor tile only?
No. We will remove wall tile.

I want to add wood flooring in my home or office. The floors I have now are tile, wood, laminate and carpet and all of it needs to be removed. Would you be able to remove all of this dust free?
Yes we can remove all different kinds of floors: Tile, wood, carpet, coatings and adhesives. It will all be done with our “Dust free” system.

Do you need to remove the base boards when you are taking out flooring?
No. We can get your tile, wood etc. without removing your base boards.

My flooring contractor told me I have nothing to worry about because they use plastic and tape off the house. They said they also use vacuums when working. Will that really be good enough to contain the dust?
The use of plastic and tape can help but when taking the plastic down, it is impossible to avoid having a large portion of the dust on the plastic introduced into the air in your home. If you are removing a larger areas of tile in your home, plastic and tape do very little to protect your walls, ceilings, furniture, closets, window treatments, electronics, etc. Our system at Austin Dustless is the best way to prevent dust migration since it captures it as it is created. Our expert crews can remove tile from inside closets with the clothes still hanging and pantries with food still in them. We also us different vacuums. They are much stronger and designed to be used on concrete dust.